We offer the most exquisite and beautifully designed range of quality knit wear and winter apparel.

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We offer the most exquisite and beautifully designed range of quality knit wear and winter apparel.

About Us

Knitting is an entire art form in itself, when the huge diversity of threading styles, intricate patterns woven and the texture variations of the finished products are taken into account. A heritage that has been preserved by grand old ladies of yore, this highly delicate art was taught by them to younger ones as an inheritance of sorts, and propagated as an essential lesson with much fervor and zeal. But owing to globalization and increasing influx of women in daily workforce, knitting has taken somewhat of a backseat in the hectic schedule of the modern working woman.

This is where Guru Kirpa Knitwear comes to your rescue, to satisfy your cravings for an exotic and beautiful piece of a knitted garment. Established in 1985, we boast an experience of more than 30 years in the domain of knitted wear and utilize the same by blending it with our resources and expertise to churn out a large variety of knitted apparels. We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Knitted Winter Wear as well as School Uniform Garments that include Ladies Sweaters, Kids Sweaters, School Uniform Sweaters and more.

Range of Products

We specialize in offering high quality knitted apparels and winter wear, for both men and women across ages. The entire gamut of wearable offered by us is as follows:

  • Ladies Sweaters
  • Kids Sweaters
  • Gents Sweaters
  • School Uniform Sweaters

Quality Assurance

The main focus of our operation is to offer the maximum comfort, durability and design variety from our range of Ladies Sweaters, Kids Sweaters etc. This is achieved by us in multiple steps, starting with the quality of threads and woolen fabric, which is sourced from the best suppliers of raw material out there. It is then incorporated into the weaving and knitting process, done in its entirety by expert hands of artisans and craftsmen, who use their creativity and imagination to design the intricate patterns via multiple knitting styles, to fabricate elegant winter wear.

Knitting- An Art

Knitting as an art form traces its root to ancient civilizations, when coarse materials were utilized such as jute, primarily due to limited availability of finer fabrics. Knitting styles vary by the changing demographics and exhibit an excellent diversity such as the super creative Portuguese style, the left handed American style and the Continental/German style, that puts lesser strain on the wrists but offers limited space for creative inputs. Apart from the knitting styles, the huge variety of designs such as the timberline cowl sweater, the sun-dance pullover and the deep shoulder cardigan offer something for people of all tastes.

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